The Fabbest Ex-Beatles Songs

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If a solo song by a former Beatle really carries that weight, vote it up. If it's Muzak to your ears, vote it down.

The most celebrated rock band of all time disintegrated in a flurry of financial squabbles, legal wrangling, and public feuds. But when it came to music-making, not one of the quartet skipped a beat. Even before the Beatles officially broke up, John Lennon had already released the hit single "Instant Karma," while George Harrison was amassing a huge collection of songs for his upcoming mega-album, All Things Must Pass. Paul McCartney would spend the 1970s touring the world with his new band Wings, and even Ringo Starr carved out a respectable solo career for himself.

The best songs by ex-Beatles prove each of the legendary musicians is capable of maintaining profitable solo careers. Let's rank the most beloved records to come out of the Fab Four diaspora.