The Best Backpacks In 'Fortnite: Battle Royale,' Ranked

As opposed to back bling, backpacks in Fortnite: Battle Royale actually offer some type of advantage during game play, whereas back bling just makes you look good. Much like back bling, however, you should still be choosing the best backpacks based on looks, but also to use to your advantage. The jetpack, on the other hand, is quite literally a blast to try out - and everyone wants it. In fact, be careful with those things, as they can put a target on your back and even harm yourself. Other than that, the jetpack is a must-try. 

Getting back to backpacks, they're pretty straightforward. You can find them throughout the game, and pick them up just like loot. Keep in mind, though, they occupy your inventory. Another thing to note is only one backpack can be carried at a time, and when you pick a new one up, it swaps out your current backpack. Nevertheless, you've got a range of choices. But as with skins and the best emotes, you want something unique. In other words, look for rare or legendary backpacks. 

So, which are the best backpacks in Fortnite: Battle Royale? Help in ranking the top ones below by voting up your favorites and voting others down accordingly. 

Photo: Epic Games
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  • Black Shield

    Black Shield

    4,104 votes

    You must get the Black Knight outfit.

  • Love Wings

    Love Wings

    4,362 votes

    You must get the Love Ranger outfit.

  • Red Shield

    Red Shield

    3,748 votes

    You must get the Red Knight outfit.

  • Royale Shield

    Royale Shield

    2,582 votes

    You must get the Royale Knight outfit.

  • Brite Bag

    Brite Bag

    3,523 votes

    You must get the Brite Gunner outfit.


  • Six String

    Six String

    3,110 votes

    You must get the Power Chord outfit.