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The Best Gliders In 'Fortnite: Battle Royale,' Ranked

Gliders are truly a must in Fortnite, and choosing the best one will keep you looking good and landing just where you want. Used between skydiving and landing on the map location of your choice, gliders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and looks. Much like your skins, emotes, and backpacks, you want a glider that suits you and, of course, turns heads. Maybe that's choosing the more uncommon ones, or paying top dollar (V-bucks) for the most sought-after gliders. Whether you choose an epic glider or a legendary one, make your choice wisely, as gliders aren't cheap. 

Speaking of legendary gliders, the Royale Dragon may take the cake as one of the cooler options, but they also cost a pretty V-buck. As far as the epic gliders are concerned, a common choice is the Deep Space Lander. It may be costly, but it's a good-looking glider. Now, this is only a taste of the many available gliders in Fortnite. Keep it rare and unique, and be sure to explore your options. 

To help you and other players choose the best glider, take a look at the list below and cast your votes accordingly to ultimately rank all the top gliders in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Also, don't forget to keep a lookout for holiday and promotional gliders!