The 16 Best Found Families In Anime, Ranked

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Whether it's the people you're related to by blood or the people you choose to surround yourself with, families that love each other are a beautiful thing. But sometimes it's the people you intentionally decide to be with that end up meaning the most. For this list, we'll be looking at some of the best anime found families.

Some of these easily qualify as the most wholesome found families in anime. The Forgers in Spy x Family might not be particularly heartwarming in origin, but the bond they built most certainly is. Others aren't especially wholesome, but they're still interesting. If you can look past all the violent crimes in the League of Villains, their bond with one another is surprising powerful. 

Which found family would you most want to be part of?

Photo: Chainsaw Man / MAPPA

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    The Forgers - 'Spy x Family'

    The Forgers - 'Spy x Family'
    Photo: Spy x Family / CloverWorks, Wit Studio

    As part of his mission to gain access to a key political figure in Ostania, Loid Forger has to get inside of an elite elementary school. The only way to do that is to have a child who attends the school - plus a wife, since the school doesn't admit kids with single parents. Since Loid is single, this poses a bit of a problem. But he soon solves it by adopting a little girl named Anya and marries an office lady named Yor.

    It turns out that Anya is a mind reader and Yor is an assassin. All three are keeping major secrets from one another - which may be why they're able to get along so well. Their family might be ‘fake’ but they still end up behaving and feeling a lot like a real family.

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    The Straw Hats - 'One Piece'

    The Straw Hats - 'One Piece'
    Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

    One of the best things about the Straw Hat crew is how much they care about each other. They support each other through the most perilous situations imaginable because they're a team and they're not leaving anybody behind. Sanji and Zoro bicker like a pair of brothers, while Robin acts as a de facto parental figure for the group. The other characters all have their ‘family’ roles too, though those roles shift around depending on what's going on. 

    Having such a strong bond is important because they're constantly thrown into life-threatening situations. Without unconditional support from their crew, they likely wouldn't achieve much. Also, they all either left their families behind or lost them tragically, so having people they consider family with them as they sail the high seas is critical.

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    Class 3-E - 'Assassination Classroom'

    Class 3-E - 'Assassination Classroom'
    Photo: Assassination Classroom / Lerche

    At first, Class 3-E is a loosely associated group of children with no particular bonds outside of sharing a classroom. Koro-sensei, a giant tentacle monster who threatens to blow up the earth unless he gets to teach Class 3-E and they manage to destroy him, is the last person anyone would have expected to bring them together as a found family, but that's exactly what happens. 

    Through bonding with each student individually and helping them capitalize on their true strengths, and by giving them a goal to work toward together, he turns the whole classroom into a family. 

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    The Black Bulls - 'Black Clover'

    The Black Bulls - 'Black Clover'
    Photo: Black Clover / Studio Pierrot

    Led by Yami Sukehiro, the Black Bulls were once considered the worst squad in the Magic Knights. Why? Because they keep losing points due to their destructive behavior. But what they lack in decorum, they make up for in close, family-like bonds. 

    These bonds are particularly important because in the world of Black Clover, who you're biologically related to counts for a lot. But not everyone is related to a powerful clan that can give them a boost in life - Asta sure isn't. On the flip side, those who do hail from powerful clans don't necessarily have great relationships with them - it takes interacting with people outside of her family for Noelle to undo some of the emotional damage they caused.

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    Kotaro & His Neighbors - 'Kotaro Lives Alone'

    Kotaro & His Neighbors - 'Kotaro Lives Alone'
    Photo: Kotaro Lives Alone / LIDENFILMS

    What would you do if a four-year-old boy moved in next door to you with no parents? Most concerned adults would either immediately call child protective services or start watching that child very closely to make sure they're safe. 

    After figuring out Kotaro's situation, his neighbors Karino, Tamaru, and Mizuki decide to do the latter. They accompany him to the bathhouse, attend his school events, and otherwise become a replacement for the abusive and neglectful parents he left behind. Through the process of banding together around Kotaro, the three adults grow closer to each other, too. 

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    The Yorozuya - 'Gintama'

    The Yorozuya - 'Gintama'
    Photo: Gintama / Bandai Namco Pictures

    Gintoki doesn't seem like the sort of person who would become anybody's surrogate dad - he's lazy, irresponsible, and generally kind of a mess. But he's also someone who really, really cares about other people. What's more, he had someone who acted as a parental substitute for him when he was young.

    So at first, Kagura and Shinpachi are his part-time employees at the Yorozuya. Kagura's approach to life is so absurd that she often needs looking after, while Shinpachi is perpetually annoyed with both of them. Adding Sadaharu, a gigantic dog, to the mix makes things even more chaotic. But the more time they spend doing odd jobs and fighting enemies, the more they gel as a real family. 

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