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The Best Francine Smith Quotes From 'American Dad!'

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This list of the best Francine Smith quotes proves she is a criminally underappreciated character on American Dad. Francine is a stay-at-home mom who often relies on morning infotainment and an everflowing cocktail of wine and pills. She's also one of the most complex characters on the show, showing she can be either the smartest or dumbest person in the room. 

Which Francine quote is your favorite? Francine is an extreme parody of the housewife trope, being obsessed with how many burners she has on the stove and the appearence of her home. However, she has a track record of academia, like offering insightful commentary on the differing translations of the ancient Sumerian texts of Gilgamesh.

Francine has some of the most hilarious lines in American Dad, so sift through and vote up your favorite ones.



  • Photo: American Dad / TBS

    Birth You Again

    Francine: Steven Smith, I am your mother! If you don’t get out of that cage, I will push you back up my clownhole and birth you again and name you my b***h!

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  • Photo: American Dad / TBS

    Power Thing

    Klaus: Did you put googly eyes on the Roomba?

    Francine: Yeah. I like to look someone in the eyes as they clean for me. It's a power thing. Gets me off.

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  • Photo: American Dad / TBS

    A Ghost

    Steve: Mama? The man said someone died upstairs. What if I see a g-g-g-ghost?

    Francine:  I don't know, Steve! You'll probably p-p-p-piss your pants.

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  • Photo: American Dad / TBS

    Mama, No!

    Steve: You've done some stuff with your life! You made me, Mommy.

    Francine: Any dumba** can have dumba** kids. 

    Steve: Mama, no!

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