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The Best Things Frank Reynolds Ever Said

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There are so many good ones, but what's the best Frank Reynolds quote? He may be one of the dirtiest, nastiest, angriest, craziest, and most ridiculous characters on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been the one to fire off some of the funniest and best lines on the show.

From his antiquated views on race relations with comments like "Now you? I don’t know who the hell you are, ‘cause we didn’t have a Black" to a disturbing revelation he provided to his children when he said, "Dennis there was another twin in your mother's womb! We were gonna call him 'Donnie', but you and Deandra devoured him before he could be born! You gobbled him up!" let's take a look at the greatest Frank Reynolds quotes in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia history, ranked by your votes. 

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    God Bless You

    Frank: Roxy, God bless you. You were a good whore. You serviced me like no other whore ever did. Not only my crank but my heart.


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      Not Gonna Diddle

      Frank: I am not gonna diddle your kids.


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        Man Cheetah

        Frank: What’s up b*tches! I’m a man cheetah! Wanna do something with this?


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          Blood Bath

          Frank: I've seen many pigs eat many men...it was a blood bath

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