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The Very Best Flavors of Franzia Boxed Wine

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Franzia boxed wine is an easy and cheap way to serve guests at a party and this list overviews every flavor of Franzia wine. The best Franzia flavors come in many forms. Some top Franzia flavors available are fruity while other good flavors of Franzia are refreshing and light. One of the most popular types of Franzia is inspired by an iconic Spanish cocktail.

What flavors will you find on this best types of Franzia list? Sunset Blush, with hints of strawberry, is perfect when served chilled. Franzia's Crisp White variety goes great with vegetables and light pasta dishes. For a fun and festive BBQ night, consider serving Franzia's Fruity Red Sangria to your guests. Other popular flavors of Franzia boxed wine include Refreshing White and Chillable Red.

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  • A light-bodied red that is made to be served chilled. More body and flavor than blush wine, softer than traditional red wines. Pairs well with lighter foods.

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  • Franzia Pink Moscato
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    Refreshing and sweet, with flavors of strawberry, raspberry and white peach followed by subtle hints of vanilla.

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  • A refreshing red with flavors of citrus fruit and just the right amount of sweetness. Serve chilled over ice. Enjoy with BBQ favorites.

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  • Franzia Moscato
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    A sweet wine with delicate aromas of juicy peach and flavors of ripe apricot. Serve chilled. Enjoy with spicy foods and Asian cuisine.

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