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The Best Frasier Actors

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List RulesVote up your favorite actors based on their performances on Frasier. Only main and supporting cast members - no guest stars, unless they won an award for the role.

The Frasier cast is among those who are likely to go down in history for creating a show that's always hysterical, no matter how many times you've seen its reruns. Many of the actors on Frasier, whether they were series regulars or guest stars, even went on to win a number of awards for the show. Here you'll find some of the best Frasier actors ever to make an appearance on the show during its unstoppable 11-season run. 

From guest actors such as Jean Smart, to primary Frasier cast members like John Mahoney and Anthony LaPaglia (who played Simon Moon) to the obvious skills of David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer, who made the neurotic brothers their own, the cast of Frasier earned every award they won.

Among them you'll find those who played your favorite leading Frasier characters as well as the occasional actor or actress you forgot ever made an appearance on the show at all. Along with a list of the Frasier cast, you'll also find a brief overview of the awards each actor or actress has won or been nominated for, in order to help you decide which ones really were the best Frasier actors of all time.

Vote up who you think is best, and then check back to see if your favorites topped the list.