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The Best Christmas Episodes On 'Frasier'

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Here are the best Frasier Christmas episodes to watch during the holidays. Whether you're looking for the one where Frasier does some last-minute Christmas shopping in "Frasier Grinch" or when Frederick comes back as an emo goth kid in "High Holidays," this list of Frasier Christmas episodes also includes popular fan favorites, like "Perspectives on Christmas," "Miracle on Third or Fourth Street," and "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz." What is your favorite Christmas episode from Frasier

Vote up the best Frasier Christmas specials, and see where they rank among the funniest Frasier episodes of all time. And make sure to check out this list of witty shows like Frasier!

  • Frasier Grinch
    Photo: NBC

    Frasier eagerly awaits a visit from Frederick for Christmas, but a crisis occurs when the gifts he has mail-ordered go astray. He has no choice but to fight his way into the mall on Christmas Eve.

    • Original Airing: Dec 19 1995
    • Season: Frasier - Season 3
    • Episode Number: 9
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  • Miracle on 3rd or 4th Street
    Photo: NBC

    Frasier is looking forward to his first visit from Frederick in time for Christmas, but when the visit is canceled, Frasier takes out his disappointment on his family.

    • Original Airing: Dec 16 1993
    • Season: Frasier - Season 1
    • Episode Number: 12
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  • We Two Kings
    Photo: NBC

    We Two Kings

    Frasier and Niles bicker over which of their two households should host Christmas dinner for the Crane family. When Martin is appointed the tie-breaker, each brother tries to bribe him.

    • Original Airing: Dec 10 2002
    • Season: Frasier - Season 10
    • Episode Number: 10
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  • Mary Christmas
    Photo: NBC

    Mary Christmas

    Frasier butters up the local morning TV host to let him co-host the Seattle Christmas parade with her, but when she comes down with food poisoning (from his cooking, perhaps?), he learns that Dr. Mary will be his new partner.

    • Original Airing: Dec 12 2000
    • Season: Frasier - Season 8
    • Episode Number: 8
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