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The 20 Best Free To Play Anime Games For Otaku On A Budget

It's not easy to game on a budget. It can be especially hard for anime fans who want to play big-budget games based on their favorite series but don't have $60 to spend at the moment. Thankfully, the emergence of free-to-play games has made it easier for tight-budget gamers to have some full-fledged gaming fun like Girls’ Frontline, Onigiri, and Final Fantasy XIV. And, with the Japanese gaming market favoring free-to-play games, lots of popular anime series are becoming free anime games.

Wanna go cheap? Here are 20 anime games that are free to play on mobile devices and consoles. Don't forget to upvote the free-to-play anime games you want everyone else to play too. 

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    Girls’ Frontline

    Anime fans should check out the strategy mobile game Girls' Frontline. As the name suggests, Girls' Frontline is all about cute anime girls equipped with heavy artillery who are at your command. Don't let the cutesy presentation fool you. The maps in Girls' Frontline are challenging but fun. The strategy mechanics here are also surprisingly deep. As with other anime mobile games, there are lots of crossover events featuring series like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear

    • Release: 2016
    • Platform: iOS, Android
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    Granblue Fantasy

    Photo: Cygames

    Granblue Fantasy is a free-to-play RPG that's available for mobile and browser. The Japanese fantasy game sets the player off on a grand journey after rescuing a mysterious girl named Lyria from the Erste Empire. What makes Granblue Fantasy a great recommendation for free-to-play players is its commitment to accessibility. Newcomers and longtime players are often rewarded with free draws, rare items, and anime crossover events. You'll never feel pressured to spend just to keep ahead.   

    • Release: 2014
    • Platform: iOS, Android, PC
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Anyone who ever dreamt of living within the world of Final Fantasy will be pleased with Final Fantasy XIV. The MMORPG takes the series' rich history to create an ambitious world where fans can play as their favorite class of characters. While Final Fantasy XIV is a subscription-based game, you can play it like a free-to-play game. Until your custom character reaches level 35, you can experience Final Fantasy XIV for free all you want. A fantastic way to help you decide if you want to fully commit to the game. 

    • Release: 2010
    • Platform: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
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    Tales of Erin

    Tales of Erin is a fantasy RPG set in a cold war between humanity and God. The side-scrolling RPG features of 80 beautiful illustrated characters for players to collect; each with their own stunning animation attack. Similar to mobile RPGs like Grandblue Fantasy, Tales of Erin often holds crossover events, such as collaborating with BlazBlue. With all the story content Tales of Erin has to offer, you'll lose yourself in the game pretty fast. 

    • Release: 2018
    • Platform: iOS, Android
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