The Best French Beers

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Here's a list of best French beers in the world is a compilation of all the greatest beers made in France. While the French are not one of the largest brewing countries in Europe, their contribution is still important. Top French beers are common in beer cafes and brew pubs across the nation. Some common and favorite French brewing companies include Castelain, La Coulette, Kronenbourg, and Jenlain. What are the French's brewing secrets?

The greatest French beers are called biere de gardes, and are a unique specialty among beers. Very rare, and once in danger of disappearing forever, biere de gardes made a comeback in northern France, and in particular, regions such as Flanders, Picardy, Pas de Calais. Beer enthusiasts and beer connoisseurs around the world enjoy this strong, spicy, malty drink.

Although France has these specialty French beers, it does not mean that it is France's best beer. So what truly makes a great French brew? And what types of French beers become global favorites? From the crispness of Kronenbourg 1664 to the simultaneously subtle and bold flavors of Castelain's brands, there is no shortage of amazing French beer to sample.

What types of beer represent France's authentic and flavorful style? You can now be the judge. Which beer brewing company is the people's favorite? Which French drinks go well before continuing to a glass of wine? Add your favorite French beers that may have been forgotten, and let the grand French beer choice begin!

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