The Best French Composers of All Time, Ranked

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Who are the greatest French composers of all time? This list is ranked from best to worst by Classical music fans all over the world. The best French composers hail from all walks of life and lived during various time periods. When it comes to some of the more famous composers on this list, they gained popularity during the Renaissance. Others gained notoriety during the Romantic period. A few of them even wrote music that is still popular today. 

What are some of the names you'll find on this French composers list? Claude Debussy's impressionist style made him a favorite of classical music fans in the 1890s and beyond. The flowing riffs of “Clair de Lune” still make for enchanting orchestrations all over the world. Hector Berlioz is another one of the most talented composers from France.

When it comes to avant-garde French composers it doesn't get much better than the “Gymnopédies” writer Eric Satie. Other good musicians that appear on this top French composers list include Jules Massenet, Jean-Phillipe Rameau and Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

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