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The Best French Foods

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List of the best French food, as ranked by professional chefs, natives of France, and food enthusiasts. When people think of France, monuments like the Eiffel Tower and French art museums may come to mind, but no part of French culture is more rewarding and memorable than their food. The food in France is a fragile mix between rich and complicated, sometimes taking scientific-like steps to make, making it all the more satisfying to eat.  Ingredients often include bread, eggs, and cheese, mixed a way so unique that each ingredient tastes like never before.That’s one of the beauties of French cuisine: it’s always a special experience to try.

The French foods on this list of top foods from France include dishes that you can find on menus all over the world, regardless of ethnicity, like quiche and crème brulee. Meanwhile, other dishes are very exclusive to French restaurants, such as escargots and quenelle.

What are your favorite French foods? Whether you’re a fan of sweet French desserts like macaroons and pain au chocolate or singular eating experiences like sharing a pot of fondue, French food has a special place in the heart of food lovers across the globe. If you don't see your favorite foods from France on the list of greatest French foods, make sure to add them.