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The Best French Horror Movies

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If you’re looking for a film to give you the willies au Français, look no further--this is your list of the best French horror movies. You might not recognize a lot of these films if you're new to French cinema, but that's probably a good thing if you need some fresh horror content in your life.

A few highlights from this list of French horror movies include In Their Sleep in which a young couple living in an isolated country house wakes up one night to find themselves being terrorized by hooded assailants, The Horde, a non-traditional crime flick where gangsters and cops battle each with zombies thrown in the mix, and the truly disturbing Inside. There are lots of horror films about kidnapped children, but leave it to the French to make a film about a woman trying to keep her child from being kidnapped…while still in the womb. You have to take a peek at Inside.

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