The Best Frequent Howard Stern Guests

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Both celebrity guests and wack packers are eligible

The best frequent Howard Stern guests include comedians, television and movie stars, porn stars and of course, members of the infamous Howard Stern Wack Pack. These guests visit with Stern often, and the interviews and segments that result are usually very, very entertaining. Which frequent Howard Stern guest is the best? That's up to you to decide. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorites, and vote down those Stern guests that you think are definitely not worthy of being on this list. Also, if you notice a frequent Howard Stern guest that's missing, feel free to add them!

Some of Howard Stern's most frequent, and amusing guests include George Takei, who sits in with Howard frequently, Andrew Dice Clay, Gilbert Gottfried, Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, John Stamos (who played at Stern's wedding) and Richard Simmons (who often cries, not surprisingly). Jessica Hahn is a frequent caller to the show, so she earns a spot on the list. These guests are candid, brutally honest and usually pretty funny. Don't agree? Vote them down, it's absolutely your right.

Sadly, some of the best, most frequent Howard Stern guests are no longer with us. Among them: controversial comedian Bob Schimmel, who died in a car accident in 2010. Schimmel was without question one of the greatest regulars on The Howard Stern Show over the years, and he's missed terribly by fans.

No list of great regular Howard Stern guests would be complete without several Wack Packers. These frequent guests fit right in on the show, shocking listeners (and repulsing them, often) and generally making for great, exciting (and yes, sometimes irritating) radio. The greatest Whack Pack guests that come to mind immediately include Beetlejuice, Fred the Elephant Boy and Jeff the Drunk, but there are many more. Regular guests, along with Howard Stern frequent callers, are one of the reasons why fans love the show so much! 

This list does include celebrities who've made multiple appearances on Howard Stern, earning them the title of "regular," but it is by no means complete. Add your favorites, and be sure to check out these lists of the funniest Howard Stern Wack Packers and the most irritating Stern Show regulars. Enjoy!
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