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The Funniest Quotes From 'Friday After Next'

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As the third film in the Friday franchise, Friday After Next is a really funny movie. You'll agree that the best Friday After Next quotes prove it. Now it's time to rank the best quotes from Friday After Next with the help of your votes. The movie stars Ice Cube, Mike Epps, and John Witherspoon, Friday After Next was directed by Marcus Raboy and was released in 2002. You might even notice some references to the original film, like when both Craig and Day-Day repeat Smokey's famous line at the same time.

Another great line from Friday After Next is "It ain't ya booty, it's ya beauty." Which was spoken by Day-Day who was played by Mike Epps. But what are your favorite lines from Friday After Next? Vote up all the quotes you love and vote down any that you don't care to hear again.

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    It's Ya Beauty

    Day-Day: It ain't ya booty, it's ya beauty.


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    Bigger Than Yours

    Mr. Jones: I look better than you!

    Uncle Elroy: You don't!

    Mr. Jones: I cook better than you!

    Uncle Elroy: You can't!

    Mr. Jones: My d*ck is bigger than yours!

    Uncle Elroy: It was cold that night!


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    Let's Both Tell Him

    Craig Jones: Should I tell him?

    Day-Day: Let's both tell him.

    Craig Jones and Day-Day: You got knocked da F*CK out!

    Craig Jones: B*tch!


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    Craig Jones: Ho-ho, Motherf*cker!


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