Hilarious MCU Interviews That Prove The Cast Are Best Friends

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To have great chemistry on screen, it helps to have it off-screen, as well. Fortunately for the castmates of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have both. As the MCU expands and more characters crossover into one another's films, the bonds only seem to grow stronger. There's no better way to catch a glimpse of how much these actors truly love each other than during their promotional interviews. On many occasions, Chris Hemsworth has said that Chris Evans is essentially his adopted son. Robert Downey, Jr. and Tom Holland have a similar relationship (though RDJ takes some issue with being called "Dad.") Beyond creating new families, there are also plenty of relationships that are straight-up bromances. Jake Gyllenhaal always seems to be encouraging Tom Holland's love life. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan even have wingman nicknames for each.

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