The Best Ross and Rachel Episodes of 'Friends'

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A good episode of Friends is like a good cup of coffee from Central Perk; it's warm, it's familiar, it's comforting. But a great episode of Friends is one that reminds us exactly why the series has endured ever since its debut in 1994, and that's because of Ross and Rachel. The beating heart of a series that was never afraid to depart from its comedy in favor of something more difficult and heartbreaking, Ross and Rachel were the OG couple on Friends. Long before Monica and Chandler, or Phoebe and Mike, or (shudder) Rachel and Joey, there was Ross and Rachel, the king and queen of will-they-won't-they, the sitcom rom-com darlings of 'JUST KISS ALREADY!'

Though there's a lot of classic episodes in a series with 236 episodes, it's arguable that the best episodes are the ones that center around Ross and Rachel. From Season 1 right through Season 10, Ross and Rachel remained varying degrees of together for our entertainment, and to look back at these episodes now puts into perspective just how great of a TV couple they were, even through their lowest moments. The best Friends episodes with Ross and Rachel may not be the most laugh out loud, or the most quotable, but they are guaranteed to give you the most feels.

Now's not the time to go on a break, or to PIVOT, because it's time to *bumps fists together in that Ross Geller way* rank the best Ross and Rachel episodes of Friends