The Best Fruit Roll-Up Flavors of All Time

The best Fruit Roll-Up flavors were a staple in any 90s kid's lunchbox. Each flavor is even wilder and zanier than the last, combining different fruits and outrageous tastes to create a delicious snack. Some Fruit Roll-Ups even had little character shapes stamped into them that you could punch out and devour. Other Fruit Roll-Ups came with little stamps so that you could "tattoo" your tongue with a fun pictures. Fruit Roll-Ups are fun to eat, and taste great!  

The best Fruit Roll-Up flavors include: Amazing Cherry, Blastin’ Berry Hot Colors, Quiz Rolls, Strawberry Kiwi Kick, Rainbow, Electric Blue Raspberry, Franken Berry, Mini Rolls Strawberry Craze, Crazy Pix Cool Chix Berry Wave, Strawberry, Blastin’ Blue-Green, Cherry Orange Wild, and Tropical Tye-Dye.   

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