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The Best Fruits Basket Fanfiction, Ranked

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Fruits Basket is an older anime that has come roaring back into popularity thanks to its 2019 reboot. The manga came out in the '90s and the series has been enjoying an active fandom since then. One of the coolest things about that fandom is the fanfiction. 

Whether you're looking for a quick read or a novel-length epic, there are plenty of good Fruits Basket fanfic to choose from. Some of them delve into the characters romantic lives, focusing on canon pairings and fan pairings alike. Others consider what might happen if a key part of the series were different. What if Kyo left the Sohma family at the age of three? What if Yuri from Yuri!!! on ICE was actually a member of the Sohma family? No matter what kind of fic you like to read, if you're a Fruits Basket fan, there's something on this list for you.

Which of these stories deserves to be called the best Fruits Basket fanfiction? That's up to you. Let your voice be heard and vote up the stories that you think deserve the top spot.

  • 1

    by TigressJade

    Three-year-old Kyo Sohma and his mother leave Tokyo to escape the hold of the Sohma family. They end up being taken in by the Honda's and Kyo is raised separately from the rest of the zodiac.

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  • 2

    by rosaleendhu

    Hatori gets sick. Doctors are the worst patients.

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  • 3

    by ErieDragon

    Tohru has touched the lives of the Jyuunishi. They all have feelings for her, in one way or another... But can she melt even the coldest of hearts?

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  • 4

    by parchmints

    Hajime learns of the dark past his parents had been keeping from him.

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  • 5

    by SunMoonAndSpoon

    “Akito doesn’t want our pity, he wants our piety. And he doesn’t deserve either one.”

    When Akito coughs up blood, and Hatori isn't available, Tohru and Yuki call the Sohma Clinic despite Akito's commands. This brings to light some disturbing history about Akito and the Sohma Clinic. It also brings up questions about Yuki's obligations to Akito as a god, and his obligations toward both Akito and himself as human beings.

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  • 6

    by Raine-Weather

    It's summer! And you know what that means... The Sohma Summer Vacation from Hell! COMPLETED

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  • 7

    by Ochako107 

    The Zodiac Host Club:a group of men, each with a different personality that entertain women with charm. Their special attraction that girls flock to see is the Zodiac Cat! Yet, when Tohru falls at the Sohma doorstep, chaos erupts and sparks fly.

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  • 8

    by orphan_account

    Yuki is sick. Kyo is reluctantly guilty. Yuki impersonates an octopus, which results in a transfer of his breeding pathogens to his dear cousin.

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  • 9

    by SkyEverett

    Akito had known this was coming from the beginning.
    She had never told Shigure, never told Hatori, never told anyone about how, in her own little way, the Zodiac curse still flowed through the former god’s veins.

    Akito is on her deathbed, and she calls the Zodiac members and Tohru together for one last goodbye.

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  • 10

    by orphan_account

    Kyo Sohma has a secret that nobody knows about. It’s not that he keeps it from them, it’s just that they wouldn’t be given any opportunity to find out, anyway. In addition, it’s also very embarrassing… for him, anyway.

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  • 11

    by Geoduck

    For her first birthday since graduating from high school, Tohru wanted nothing more than a quiet dinner and some time alone with the man she loved. Unfortunately...

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  • 12

    by Crunchysunrises

    Twelve of Konohagakure's shinobi are cursed by the animals of the zodiac. Most of them are pretending to be Sakura's pets. [Naruto x Fruits Basket crossover]

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  • 13

    by Avelera

    When Kyo's bracelet breaks and he is locked in his original form, Tohru and the others are forced to consider if he can ever change back. Will this draw Tohru closer to the Sohmas or force her away from them for good? 

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  • 14

    by coastal-spirit 

    When they're both children, Akito takes Kyou's beads. 

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  • 15

    by Kai19

    After Tohru easily calms Black Haru down, Shigure decides that if Kyo and Yuki aren't going to ask Tohru out, maybe he should help her turn her affection to the Ox.

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  • 16

    by Aishuu 

    As Sohma Momo ages, she begins to discover the truth about her family her cousin Haru begins to drop hints which will lead her to the dark secret her mother has forgotten and her father hides: Momiji. 

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  • 17

    by MysticSorceror 

    When Tohru learns she's pregnant she hopes to keep it secret from the rest of the family, but there's one problem, she doesn't know the father and more than one guy loves her. 

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  • 18

    by lily292

    Yuuri was a Sohma. Legally, his last name was Katsuki, but he was a Sohma. This, he knew for as long as he could remember.


    "We are stuck in snow, an eternal winter of isolation." Tori-niisan said bitterly as they helped him clean up his tears.
    "Don't you remember what you told us once, Tori-san?" Aya-niisan asked.
    "It becomes spring when snow melts." He chirped as he handed over a cup of tea.
    "So we only need to wait." Gure-niisan said, "Spring will come."



    Yuuri's anxiety manifests a little differently.
    He is a popular figure skater that turns into a monkey when sick or hugged by a girl, his family is slightly messed up, and #KatsukiSpazz tends to trend on Twitter every week or so.

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  • 19

    by s1ncer1ty

    Ayame wants nothing more than to spend some Quality Time (tm) with his brother Yuki. Yuki wants nothing more than to strangle Ayame. Can even a near-death experience bridge that gap?

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  • 20

    by Gia 

    A wish Ayame made in the past sends Yuki reeling back in time. Finding himself sharing a class with the Mabudachi Trio, Yuki must find a way to keep his secret hidden or risk losing himself in the past forever.

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