The Best 'Far Cry' Games, Ranked

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Easily one of the most popular FPS series of all time, the Far Cry franchise has been transporting players to all sorts of cool and unique locations since 2004. Whether it's the story, the setting, the gameplay, or the characters, few games have been able to match the grit and originality of Far Cry. But while Ubisoft's acclaimed franchise has been met with mostly positive reviews, some releases were more successful than others. That's why we're ranking all the best Far Cry games, with your votes.

Originally released on the PC, the first Far Cry became an instant hit, raking in more than 700,000 sales within the first four months of its release. Subsequent remasters and enhanced versions have been released on different consoles, and in the intervening years the series has taken some seriously drastic turns.

Whether you're new to the series and are looking to see which game you should start with or a seasoned veteran and definitely prefer some releases more than others, vote up all your favorite Far Cry games so other readers can see which releases are held in the highest regard.