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The Best Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction, Ranked

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Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most popular anime in history, but there hasn't been a whole lot of new content since Brotherhood came out in 2009. If you're still craving FMA content, you could rewatch the series or read the manga - or you could read some of the good Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic that's out there.

With stories that range from bite-sized pieces of flash fiction to novel-length opuses, the Internet is full of amazing FMA content. This curated list contains everything from crossovers with Harry Potter and MCU to heartfelt tales about Edward Elric growing up trans. 

Which of these stories stand as the best Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction? That's entirely up to you. Vote up the fics that rocked your world to help your fellow readers decide what they should read next.

  • 1

    The Colours of the World

    by MaiKusakabe

    When Roy Mustang went to retrieve his eyesight from Truth, he wasn’t expecting to end up doing a job in exchange. It couldn’t even be an easy job, of course, because Edward’s assessment of Truth was a pretty accurate one.

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  • 2

    Men and Angels

    by Laora

    Trisha can't understand; she's terrified, but she has to stay calm. Her boys are gone, replaced by her sons from the future... and something, she knows, is terribly wrong.

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  • 3

    Cause for Concern

    by metisket

    Havoc's first encounter with the little Elrics.
    Havoc had been looking forward to meeting the Elric brothers, but he’d been looking forward to it while thinking he’d have the whole office as a buffer. He hadn’t thought he’d have them all to himself in a car for half an hour in traffic. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Overjoyed was not the word.

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  • 4

    we haunt ourselves

    by sekalaista

    "There's something funny about that kid," Maes says. "I just can't put my finger on it."

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  • 5


    by Sevlow 

    Ed is late for his report. Again.

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  • 6

    Hero of War

    by DejaVu22

    The war in Ishval is beginning to wind down. The State Alchemists sent in by Fuhrer King Bradley have done their job well. The Flame Alchemist has amassed a reputation of the bringer of death and destruction- surpassing even Solf Kimblee in pure destructive capabilities. In a few more months, the war will be declared won, and the soldiers sent home.
    Alone on the outskirts of a deserted battlefield, Roy Mustang is caught in an explosion that would have been lethal if not for two things: the Flame Alchemist's quick reflexes, and a couple of doctors named Rockbell.
    Hiding from the military, he returns with them to Resembool, where he meets two young boys and their mother; good friends of the Rockbells and new family for the disgraced alchemist. But the military isn't done with him yet, and the homunculi still need their sacrifices.

    Or... Roy gets injured and ends up in the Elric household while Ed and Al are still young. The combination is rather explosive.

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  • 7

    Magic and Mind

    by Preelikeswriting

    Of all things Edward was prepared for as the day of reckoning grew near, being transported from one world on the edge of war to another was not one of them.

    AKA: Edward gets accidentally summoned by Death Eaters, and neither party is happy.

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  • 8

    Number Twenty Eight

    by Sevlow

    As of today, Edward Elric had been missing for four months, two weeks, and five days.

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  • 9

    Skin Deep

    by Batsutousai

    Trisha and Van's first child, Edith, was born a beautiful, healthy girl. The only problem? Ed knew he was a boy.

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  • 10


    by Glass Shoe

    With Ed suffering from what he thinks is the seasonal flu the Elric brothers track a rogue alchemist in a town outside of East City.

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  • 11

    Here Dead We Lie

    By mebh

    Following a disasterous operation in Aerugo, Colonel Mustang wakes from a coma to discover his world has fallen apart. Under the shadow of the state, he tries to find impossible answers before it is too late. Angst/Royai.

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  • 12

    A Boy Named Ed

    by BelloftheSea

    Ed knew he was different. It wasn't just that he was smarter than the other kids or even that he had automail. No, it had more to do with the way people would occasionally look at him, like they were expecting somebody else. It was the way his mechanic cried the day she met him. It was the way his dad would sometimes slip – and call him Fullmetal.

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  • 13

    Nothing Gold

    by Rydia

    Ling has gained immortality. Ed has not.

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  • 14

    The Litter

    by neurosis

    When Black Hayate becomes a father, Hawkeye and Mustang arrive in Resembool bearing tiny, fluffy gifts.

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  • 15

    It's a Party

    by metisket

    Once Edward became legal, the number of office outings to the pub went up exponentially. Possibly this was because Edward was really fun to take to a pub.

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  • 16

    A Housewife

    by DragonStar7Queen

    In which Midoriya Inko happens to be the reincarnation of one Izumi Curtis- and the world will never be the same.

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  • 17

    shoes that cut and eyes that burn (like cigarettes)

    by shuofthewind

    His first memory is of the burn that comes with getting his soulmark.

    Roy and Riza and the marks that bind them together.

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  • 18

    Swallows on the Beam

    by shuofthewind

    Three years after the coronation, a plot to overthrow the Emperor has been put into motion. Disguised as a noblewoman, Lan Fan plunges into the Xingese court—and into a courtship with the emperor himself. "You are my master," she said. "There is nothing that I will not do for you." He smiled then. "So why won't you kiss me, then, Lan Fan?"

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  • 19


    by Minerva Aemilius

    Führer President Bradley has been killed in a freak accident, leaving the Wrath homunculus without a host. But a replacement has been found: an unwilling Colonel Roy Mustang. Now Hawkeye and the rest of his team fight to save him, and he struggles to survive, as Wrath takes possession of him and everything he holds dear.

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  • 20

    The Man with the Mechanical Arm

    by AcierGlace

    The first time Ed meets Tony Stark he's a bratty kid who keeps trying to take his arm apart.

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  • 21

    333 and More Ways to Get Kicked Out of HQ

    by iTorchic

    Have you heard of the '333 ways to get kicked out of Wal-mart? Well, here's an FMA twist on it with the whole cast! 

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