The Best Funny Happy Birthday Songs

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Birthday songs that are hilarious, clever, and will make you laugh.

Birthdays are the best day of most people's year. They're president for a day, and are given special acclaim just for having been born on that day, many years before. Help your friends, family, and coworkers celebrate their special day, in a funny way. 

You could write a simple "Happy Birthday" on their Facebook wall.  But true Facebook pros know the best way to get to someone's heart is by making them laugh. Instead of coming up with your own tired, inside joke or pun, you should look to the musical experts of the internet for some true hilarity. 

This is a list of some of the funniest happy birthday videos available on YouTube. Some are raunchy songs like Two Live Crew veteran Uncle Luke's "It's Your Birthday." Others are funny songs recorded by TV shows like the hilarious "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary" by Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Then there are the weird tracks like the super awkward, creepy video made for Modeselektor's "Happy Birthday!" or just silly Internet ephemera as seen by some dancing baby's "Funny Happy Birthday Video Card."

Use these videos properly, and you'll definitely give your friends hilarious birthdays that they'll never forget!