Every Opening Caption from Every Single 'Futurama' Episode

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Everybody loves a good TV theme song, but The Simpsons upped the ante by adding their signature chalkboard and couch gags to each opening. Matt Groening's second series, the hilarious sci-fi comedy Futurama, followed suit by adding unique opening captions to every title sequence. With 140 episodes (and three specials), there have been a lot of hilarious Futurama opening credits, and this list ranks them all.

Of course, if you don't like the way the best Futurama captions are ranked, you can vote your favorites (and least favorites!) up or down. You can also rerank the whole list if you want to start from scratch. All Futurama opening title captions are listed here, so this is kind of like a votable Futurama wiki. Neat!
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    You can't prove it won't happen

    Season 4, Episode 14, "Obsoletely Fabulous"
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    Not a substitute for human interaction

    Season 2, Episode 19, "The Cryonic Woman"
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    Any resemblance to actual future is purely coincidental

    Season 7, Episode 14, "Forty Percent Leadbelly"
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    Soon to be a major religion

    Season 4, Episode 4, "Less Than Hero"
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    Not sure if new episode or just rerun of episode I watched drunk

    Season 7, Episode 1, "The Bots and the Bees"
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    Featuring a new invisible character who doesn't speak

    Season 7, Episode 21, "Assie Come Home"