The Best Future Noir & Tech Noir Movies, Ranked

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Your favorite future noir and tech noir films, regardless of box office or critic rating.

The best tech noir and future noir movies bring the classic film noir feel into the future with science fiction backdrops and characters. Sure, they may not be filmed in black and white, but their stories very much embody film noir. So which are the best techno noir and future noir movies of all time? See what fans of films think below.

What defines the future noir genre? One way to define it is as a combination of film noir storytelling with a science fiction setting. However, that definition can be problematic in itself because there is some disagreement on what film noir encapsulates. Generally, the best future noir films have to do with a crime or mystery that the hero (who sometimes but not always is a detective) must solve.

Some examples of future noir or tech noir include Gattaca and Blade Runner. In fact, Blade Runner is probably the strongest example of a tech noir film, as it features both a detective and a femme fatale. A more recent tech noir film is I, Robot, which stars Will Smith as a police office that has to get to the bottom of a murder mystery.

So now that we’re all on the same page as to what makes a science fiction movie a future noir or tech noir, it’s time to see which are actually the best ones. Vote for your favorite future noir films below or add any you feel are missing. If you’re looking to see where a particular future noir film is ranked, you can use the search box at the top of the list. Otherwise, let’s solve the mystery of which is the best future noir movie ever!

All sorts of directors have taken on Future noir movies. Examples include Mamoru Oshii, Alejandro Amenábar, and Colin Budds.

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