The Best FX Original Shows



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Shows that were created by and originally aired on the FX Network. Vote up the best FX original series.
Latest additions: American Horror Story: Delicate, Justified: City Primeval, FX's A Christmas Carol
Most divisive: Louie

The FX TV Network (which originally stood for "Fox Extended") is a paid cable and satellite TV station that has produced a variety of well-known original series and sports shows, including dramatic series, reality shows, game shows, and animated series. It is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group division of 21st Century Fox and has a reputation for putting out shows that are similar in feeling and quality to channels like Showtime and HBO. What are the best FX original shows of all time?

Launched in 1994, FX has increased in popularity and is responsible for giving several talented stars their big breaks, before they moved on to other projects. Many of these FX original series have won Emmys and other awards as well.

This list features the best FX original shows, ranked by the community as the best, including, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, American Horror Story, The Americans, The Bridge, Atlanta, Anger Management, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and What We Do In The Shadows. Vote up the best FX original shows below and see where the ones you think are great rank.

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