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The Best G-Eazy Albums, Ranked

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Which G-Eazy albums do you think are the best? Vote up your favorites and see how they match up against other G-Eazy fans. Originally from Oakland, CA, G-Eazy is known around the world as a rapper and record producer. But we are here to answer questions like, is the newest G-Eazy album better than his first album The Epidemic LP? G-Eazy now has a somewhat varied discography much like the artists he has collaborated with such as Lil Wayne and Britney Spears. You can find the complete G-Eazy albums list below and it is ready for votes.

Help the best G-Eazy albums reach the top of the list by voting it up and your not so favorite albums down. It can be hard to choose given the gamut of the G-Eazy discography but go with your gut and see how your votes influence the rankings.

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    When It's Dark Out

    When It's Dark Out
    Photo: PG, RVG, RCA

    1. Intro
    2. Random
    3. Me, Myself & I (with Bebe Rexha)
    4. One of Them (feat. Big Sean)
    5. Drifting (feat. Chris Brown and Tory Lanez)
    6. Of All Things (feat. Too $hort)
    7. Order More (feat. Starrah)
    8. Calm Down
    9. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Grace)
    10. You Got Me
    11. What If (feat. Gizzle)
    12. Sad Boy
    13. Some Kind of Drug (feat. Marc E. Bassy)
    14. Think about You (feat. Quiñ)
    15. Everything Will Be Ok (feat. Kehlani)
    16. For This (feat. IAMNOBODI)
    17. Nothing to Me (feat. E-40 and Keyshia Cole)

    Metacritic score: 74/100

    • Release Date: 2015
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    These Things Happen

    These Things Happen
    Photo: BPG, RVG, RCA

    1. These Things Happen
    2. Far Alone (feat. E-40 and Jay Ant)
    3. I Mean It (feat. Remo)
    4. Interlude
    5. Opportunity Cost
    6. Almost Famous
    7. Lotta That (feat. A$AP Ferg and Danny Seth)
    8. Factory Girl (Skit)
    9. Downtown Love (feat. John Michael Rouchell)
    10. Complete
    11. Let's Get Lost (feat. Devon Baldwin)
    12. Shoot Me Down (feat. Anthony Stewart)
    13. Been On
    14. Remember You (feat. blackbear)
    15. Tumblr Girls (feat. Christoph Andersson)
    16. Just Believe

    • Release Date: 2014
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    The Beautiful & Damned

    The Beautiful & Damned
    Photo: BPG, RVG, RCA

    1. The Beautiful & Damned (feat. Zoe Nash)
    2. Pray for Me
    3. Him & I (with Halsey)
    4. But a Dream
    5. Sober (feat. Charlie Puth)
    6. Legend
    7. No Limit (feat. ASAP Rocky and Cardi B)
    8. The Plan
    9. That's a Lot
    10. Pick Me Up (feat. Anna of the North)
    11. Gotd*mn
    12. Leviathan (feat. Sam Martin)
    13. Crash & Burn (feat. Kehlani)
    14. Summer in December
    15. Charles Brown (feat. E-40 and Jay Ant)
    16. No Less (with SG Lewis and Louis Mattrs)
    17. Mama Always Told Me (feat. Madison Love)
    18. Fly Away (feat. Ugochi)
    19. Love Is Gone (feat. Drew Love)
    20. Eazy (feat. Son Lux)

    Metacritic score: 59/100

    • Release Date: 2017
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    Must Be Nice

    Must Be Nice
    Photo: G-Eazy

    1. Hello
    2. Plastic Dreams (feat. Johanna Fay)
    3. Lady Killers (feat. Hoodie Allen)
    4. Mad (feat. Devon Baldwin)
    5. Interlude
    6. Marilyn (feat. Dominique LeJeune)
    7. Stay High (feat. Mod Sun)
    8. Breathe
    9. Must Be Nice (feat. Johanna Fay)
    10. Loaded (feat. DJ Carnage) (bonus track)

    • Release Date: 2012
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