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The Best G-Rated Action Movies

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List of G-Rated action movies, ranked from best to worst with movie trailers when available. This list takes the best G-Rated action movies and pits them against each other to see once and for all what the greatest G-Rated Action movie of all time is. This list of popular G-Rated action movies includes information like who directed the film, when it was released and which actors starred in the movie. If you think the top G-Rated Action movie isn't as high as it should be then be sure to vote it up so it can take its rightful place among the other great G-Rated Action films on this list. If you're trying to find a specific G-Rated Action film you can search this list and filter to find what you're looking for.

You can rank all of these movies, from Ben-Hur to It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

If you're trying to find out "What are the best G-Rated action movies?" and "What are the most famous G-Rated action movies?" then this list is the perfect resource for you.

Use this list if you're looking for some new action movies that are rated G. Between Netflix, Hulu and other services there are thousands of great action movies rated G, so get out there and start watching.

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  • 1

    The Undefeated

    John Wayne, Merlin Olsen
    The Undefeated is a 1969 American Western film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and John Wayne...  more

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  • 2

    The Longest Day

    Sean Connery, John Wayne
    The Longest Day is a 1962 film based on the 1959 history book The Longest Day by Cornelius...  more

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  • 3

    Herbie: Fully Loaded

    Lindsay Lohan, Anna Faris
    Herbie: Fully Loaded is a 2005 American comedy film directed by Angela Robinson and produced...  more
  • 4

    Battle of Britain

    Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier
    Battle of Britain is a 1969 British action film directed by Guy Hamilton. In 1940, the British...  more

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  • 5

    King Kong Escapes

    Paul Frees, Mie Hama
    King Kong Escapes, . Directed by Ishiro Honda and featuring special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya,...  more

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  • 6

    Ice Station Zebra

    Jim Brown, Rock Hudson
    Ice Station Zebra is a 1968 suspense film directed by John Sturges, starring Rock Hudson,...  more

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  • 7

    The Court Jester

    Angela Lansbury, Danny Kaye
    The Court Jester is a 1955 musical-comedy film starring Danny Kaye, Glynis Johns, Basil...  more

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  • 8

    Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

    Vincent Price, Annette Funicello
    Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine is a 1965 American International Pictures comedy film...  more

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  • 9

    Around the World in 80 Days

    Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine
    Around the World in 80 Days is a 1956 Technicolor epic action adventure comedy film starring...  more

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  • 10

    Robin Hood

    Douglas Fairbanks, Wallace Beery
    Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks and Wallace Beery, is the first motion picture ever to...  more
  • 11

    Beneath the Planet of the Apes

    Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall
    Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a 1970 American science fiction film directed by Ted Post...  more

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  • 12

    Atlantis: Milo's Return

    Frank Welker, Clancy Brown
    Atlantis: Milo's Return, released in 2003, is Disney's twentieth animated direct-to-video...  more
  • 13

    The Italian Job

    Michael Caine, Benny Hill
    The Italian Job is a 1969 British caper film, written by Troy Kennedy Martin, produced by...  more

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  • 14

    The Red Tent

    Sean Connery, Claudia Cardinale
    The Red Tent is a joint Soviet/Italian 1969 film directed by Mikhail Kalatozov. The film is...  more
  • 15

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    Noble Johnson, Matt Moore
    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a 1916 silent film directed by Stuart Paton. The film's...  more
  • 16

    Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

    Jane Seymour, Patrick Troughton
    Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger is a 1977 British fantasy film, the third and final Sinbad...  more

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  • 17


    John Wayne, Ben Johnson
    Chisum is a 1970 Warner Bros. Technicolor Western film starring John Wayne. The large cast...  more

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  • 18

    Support Your Local Gunfighter

    James Garner, Suzanne Pleshette
    Support Your Local Gunfighter is a 1971 comic western film starring James Garner, directed by...  more

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  • 19

    Krakatoa, East of Java

    Brian Keith, Sal Mineo
    Krakatoa, East of Java is a 1969 American disaster film starring Maximilian Schell and Brian...  more

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  • 20


    Orson Welles, Christopher Plummer
    Waterloo is a 1970 Soviet-Italian film directed by Sergei Bondarchuk and produced by Dino De...  more

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  • 21

    Hercules in New York

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Candy
    Hercules in New York is a 1969 low-budget fantasy adventure film. It is notable for being the...  more

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  • 22

    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

    Mickey Rooney, Spencer Tracy
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is a 1963 American epic comedy film produced and directed by...  more

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  • 23

    Battle for the Planet of the Apes

    John Huston, John Landis
    Battle for the Planet of the Apes is a 1973 science fiction film directed by J. Lee Thompson....  more
  • 24

    Attack on the Iron Coast

    Lloyd Bridges, Sue Lloyd
    Attack on the Iron Coast is a 1967 Anglo-American Oakmont Productions international...  more
  • 25

    Flipper's New Adventure

    Francesca Annis, Pamela Franklin
    Flipper's New Adventure is an American feature film released on June 24, 1964 by...  more