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The Best G-Rated Documentary Movies

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List of G-Rated documentaries, ranked from best to worst with movie trailers when available. This list takes the best G-Rated documentaries and pits them against each other to see once and for all what the greatest G-Rated Documentary movie of all time is. This list of popular G-Rated documentaries includes information like who directed the film, when it was released and which actors starred in the movie. If you think the top G-Rated Documentary movie isn't as high as it should be then be sure to vote it up so it can take its rightful place among the other great G-Rated Documentary films on this list. If you're trying to find a specific G-Rated Documentary film you can search this list and filter to find what you're looking for.

List ranges from March of the Penguins to Cave of Forgotten Dreams and more.

If you're trying to find out "What are the best G-Rated documentaries?" and "What are the most famous G-Rated documentaries?" then this list is the perfect resource for you.

Use this list if you're looking for some new documentaries that are rated G. Between Netflix, Hulu and other services there are thousands of great documentaries rated G, so get out there and start watching.

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    Guitarist/composer Ry Cooder teams up with acclaimed director Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas) to bring to life the Grammy Award® winning smash hit album featuring the rediscovered talents of Cuba's...  more
  • 2

    White Wilderness

    Winston Hibler


    Directed byJames Algar

    White Wilderness is an American nature documentary produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1958 noted for its propagation of the misconception of lemming suicide. The film was directed by James Algar...  more
  • 3
    The Pixar Story, directed by Leslie Iwerks, is a documentary of the history of Pixar Animation Studios. An early version of the film premiered at the Sonoma Film Festival in 2007, and it had a...  more
  • 4


    Directed byWerner Herzog

    Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a 2010 3D documentary film by Werner Herzog about the Chauvet Cave in southern France that contains the oldest human-painted images yet discovered. Some of them were...  more
  • 5

    Winged Migration

    Jacques Perrin, Philippe Labro


    Directed byJacques Perrin

    Winged Migration, is a 2003 documentary film directed by Jacques Cluzaud, Michel Debats and Jacques Perrin, who was also one of the writers and narrators, showcasing the immense journeys routinely...  more
  • 6

    That's Entertainment! III

    Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Kelly


    Directed byBud Friedgen, Michael J. Sheridan

    That's Entertainment! III is a documentary film released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to celebrate the studio's 70th anniversary. It was the third in a series of retrospectives that began with the first...  more
  • 7
    A Brief History of Time is a 1991 biographical documentary film about the physicist Stephen Hawking, directed by Errol Morris. The title derives from Hawking's bestselling book A Brief History of...  more
  • 8

    Let It Be

    Paul McCartney, George Harrison


    Directed byMichael Lindsay-Hogg

    Let It Be is a 1970 documentary film about the Beatles rehearsing and recording songs for the album Let It Be in January 1969. The film features an unannounced rooftop concert by the group, their...  more

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  • 9
    That's Entertainment, Part II is a 1976 motion picture by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and a sequel to the 1974 documentary That's Entertainment!. Like the previous film, That's Entertainment, Part II was a...  more
  • 10
    Pina is a 2011 German 3D documentary film about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. It was directed by Wim Wenders. The film premiered Out of Competition at the 61st Berlin...  more
  • 11

    That's Entertainment!

    Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli


    Directed byJack Haley, Jr.

    That's Entertainment! is a 1974 compilation film released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to celebrate its 50th anniversary. It was followed by two sequels and a related film called That's Dancing!. The film,...  more

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  • 12
    The Man Who Skied Down Everest is a documentary about Yuichiro Miura, a Japanese alpinist who skied down Mt. Everest in 1970. The film was produced by Canadian film maker Budge Crawley. Miura skied...  more
  • 13
    Spellbound is a 2002 documentary that was directed by Jeffrey Blitz. The film follows eight competitors in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for...  more
  • 14

    Born to be Wild 3D

    Daphne Sheldrick


    Directed byDavid Lickley

    Born to be Wild 3D is an inspired story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who...  more
  • 15
    Powaqqatsi, or Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation, is the 1988 sequel to the experimental 1982 film, Koyaanisqatsi, by Godfrey Reggio. It is the second film in the Qatsi trilogy. Powaqqatsi is a Hopi...  more
  • 16
    The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is a 2003 documentary film directed, produced, and edited by Judy Irving. It chronicles the relationship between Mark Bittner, an unemployed musician who is living...  more
  • 17
    Calle 54 is a 2000 documentary film about Latin jazz by Spanish director Fernando Trueba. With only minimal introductory voiceovers, the film consists of studio performances by a wide array of Latin...  more
  • 18

    Elvis: That's the Way It Is

    Elvis Presley, James Burton


    Directed byDenis Sanders

    Elvis: That's the Way It Is is a 1970 American documentary film directed by Denis Sanders. The film documents American singer Elvis Presley's Summer Festival in Las Vegas during August 1970. It was...  more

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    "n 1978, Toronto poet Souvankham Thammavongsa was born in a Lao refugee camp in Thailand. Based on her book of poems inspired by her father’s discarded scrapbook, Found documents the fragile...
  • 20


    Pierce Brosnan, Rie Miyazawa


    Directed byJacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud

    Oceans is a 2009 French-American nature documentary film directed, produced, co-written, and narrated by Jacques Perrin, with Jacques Cluzaud as co-director. The film explores the marine species of...  more
  • 21


    Ethel is a 2012 biographical documentary film written by Mark Bailey and directed by Rory Kennedy....  more
  • 22

    March of the Penguins

    Romane Bohringer, Charles Berling


    Directed byLuc Jacquet

    March of the Penguins is a 2005 French nature documentary film directed and co-written by Luc Jacquet, and co-produced by Bonne Pioche and the National Geographic Society. The documentary depicts the...  more

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    Aliens of the Deep

    Maritza Brikisak, Melanie Miller


    Directed byJames Cameron, Steven Quale

    Aliens of the Deep is a 2005 documentary film, directed in part by James Cameron alongside fellow cameraman and friend Steven Quale, who would go on to direct Final Destination 5 six years later, and...  more
  • 24

    On Any Sunday

    Steve McQueen, Bruce Brown


    Directed byBruce Brown

    Writer, producer and director Bruce Brown explores the dizzying and intoxicating world of rugged road riders where cycles hit incredible speeds. Distributed exclusively by Monterey Media....  more
  • 25


    Directed byHoward Hall

    Under the Sea 3D a new IMAX 3D adventure, transports moviegoers to some of the most exotic and isolated undersea locations on Earth, including Southern Australia, New Guinea and others in the...  more

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