The Best Galaxy S4 Apps

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The best Android apps for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

The iPhone is so over - the future is Android. Everyone knows the best apps are going to be coming out on Samsung's Galaxy S4. The phone is so cool that if you had wanted to see Jay-Z and Kanye West at this year's SXSW you would have needed one (or a similar Samsung device) to get in. 

Apps have all sorts of functionality. Some make your device operate more efficiently, like the Floating Notifications Android app for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Other awesome apps exist to make your day more enjoyable. Take a few minutes out of your day to play Android app games like Real Boxing or Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Say you were feeling particularly creative, but only had your phone in front of you. Well, as the old saying goes: There's An App For That. Pull out Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone and show the world your creativity. Record videos on your phone and turn them into full-fledged movies with the help of Magisto Video Editor & Maker. 

It's very clear that the Samsung Galaxy S4, is one of the best smart phones on the market, and has some really killer apps. Vote up your favorites below or add the coolest app you have on your own Galaxy S4.
Most divisive: Floating Browser
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  • Galaxy S4 Sensors
    43 votes

    Galaxy S4 Sensors

  • Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
    18 votes

    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

  • Galaxy S4 Universal Remote
    23 votes

    Galaxy S4 Universal Remote

  • Netflix for Android
    14 votes

    Netflix for Android

  • Magisto Video Editor & Maker
    16 votes

    Magisto Video Editor & Maker

  • Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone
    15 votes

    Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone