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The Best Gambit Storylines To Get To Know Remy LeBeau

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The Marvel Universe has tons of Mutants running around, but not every Mutant can be a Wolverine or Cyclops. There are hundreds of no-name characters who never achieved much greatness. Gambit, otherwise known as Remy LeBeau, is not one of these characters. When he was first introduced, his unique ability to transfer the kinetic energy of an object into explosive energy made him one of the most interesting characters to hit the X-Men books in years, and his relationship with Rogue stands as one of the greatest in comics. He quickly became a fan-favorite, and thanks to several decades of publications, there are tons of Gambit's storylines, story arcs, and adventures making up a library of impressive comic book stories, issues, and graphic novels.

There has been a Gambit movie in development for years, but if you only know the character from the X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon or his brief appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you have a lot of reading ahead of you! Like  This list compiles the very best Gambit storylines from the Xmen comics, and if you're already a fan looking to go back and reread some of these classic, or if you're new to the character and want to read some good books before a movie is finally made, check out these great Gambit storylines. Don't forget to vote up your favorites on the list and see which Gambit storyline rises to the top!

  • Story Found In: X-Men #33

    This one-shot storyline from the pages of X-Men #33 was titled "The Hearts of Thieves," and it stands as one of the Cajun Mutant's best stories. While running his scams on the streets of Paris, Gambit met up with Sabretooth. This story is told via flashbacks by Sabretooth to Rogue, so it provides a fascinating look at Gambit's backstory from another perspective.

    "The Hearts of Thieves" shows both Mutants hunting down a particular pendant in Paris many years before, but the dangers posed to a young woman and Remy's own brother forces a sort of Sophie's Choice for the Mutant thief.

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    • Story Found In: The Uncanny X-Men #266 & 267

      You can't have a list of the best Gambit storylines in comics and not include his explosive origin! The first appearance of Gambit came in a two-part story called "Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire" in the pages of Uncanny X-Men back in 1990.

      Gambit shows up at the right moment to save Ororo (otherwise known as Storm) while she is on the run from the Shadow King. The two thieves come into conflict with the dangerous telepath and find safety in each other. This story has a recently de-aged Storm, and features one of the best new Mutant introductions the X-books saw in years.

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      • Story Found In: Gambit (1993) #1

        In Gambit's first limited series since the character's debut a few years earlier, the Cajun Mutant is hanging out in the X-Mansion when his older step-brother, Henri LeBeau sneaks in and informs him that the time of the tithing has come and he is needed in New Orleans.

        Before anything can happen, the Assassin's Guild takes Henri out with an arrow only to discover that the killer is none other than Julien, the 'dead' brother of his deceased wife... but is she deceased after all?

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        • Story Found In: X-Men #8

          In this classic X-Men tale, Bishop comes from a dystopian future to stop a threat known as "The Witness" whom he believes to be none other than Gambit. This crossover issue also featured an appearance of Ghost Rider and was even adapted into the animated series.

          This issue also revealed Remy's last name to be LeBeau and it features a transition to New Orleans, an appearance by Bella Donna, and The Brood who have infected Ghost Rider, which isn't necessarily good for anybody.

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