The Best Game of Thrones Actors

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Vote up the actors with the best performances on HBO's Game of Thrones. Only main and supporting cast members - no guest stars.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that there are a slew of award-winning actors in the Game of Thrones cast. Throughout its run, the show has garnered a massive cult following and captured the attention of audiences and critics alike. But which among the actors on Game of Thrones actually gave the best performance? This is your chance to decide. Here you'll find a list of the best actors on Game of Thrones, as well as all of the Emmys and Golden Globes that they've been nominated for and won. 

Who could forget Lena Headey's performance of the queen you love to hate, Cersei Lannister? Of course, Peter Dinklage always gave memorable performances as Tyrion Lannister - and he has the Emmy Awards to show it. However, this vote is up to you. 

Vote up your favorite actresses and actors that you feel gave the best performance on the series. From the villains you loved to hate to the characters you mourned most, you'll find plenty of performances to chose from. Be sure and check back to see which Game of Thrones actors turn out to be the best-loved for their roles. 


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