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For actors on successful television shows, the work doesn't stop when shooting is over for the year - they then have to make the rounds on the publicity and late night circuits. Many "Game of Thrones" cast members have appeared on popular late night shows to promote the series. This list features the best "Game of Thrones" cast late night appearances, each one full of GoT anecdotes and fun stories.

"Game of Thrones: cast members have appeared on many of the late night shows including Late Show, Late Late Show, The Daily Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more. Stars like Lena Heady, Emilia Clarke, and Kit Harrington have told stories of their "Game of Thrones" auditions, personal anecdotes, and tales from the set.

Vote up the best late night interviews from "Game of Thrones" cast members below, and prepare to shower Kit Harrington with thanks for his grandfather's invention. To learn even more about the cast and everything "Game of Thrones," visit Ranker of Thrones and get your fill.
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Kit Harrington - Jimmy Kimmel Live

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What lurks in Jon Snow's family tree?
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Lena Heady - the Late Late Show

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One must always be cozy for interviews.
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Peter Dinklage - The Daily Show (2013)

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"The mountains of JERSEY!"
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Natalie Dormer - the Late Late Show

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Craig makes Margaery blush.