The Best Game Shows to Play Along at Home

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This list of the best game shows to play at home is full of favorite TV game shows that have you certain you'd win if you were a contestant. Your favorite play-along game shows are ranked here for you and your family to join in on the televised fun. From Family Feud to Jeopardy! the whole family can gather around the couch (maybe with some TV dinners) and yell out the right answers when the game show contestants can't. The greatest TV game shows to play along with at home range from brand new to the newly rebooted, as well as the eternal favorite game shows to play at home.

Puzzle shows, quiz shows, trivia shows, and all that TV questions-and-answers have to answer are cataloged here. Some of the best watch-along family game shows test your spelling skills, others test your ability to remember historical minutiae, or even how good you are at cards. For some shows it's the host that has you hooked, for others, whether it's Bob Barker or Drew Carey, the game show host is secondary to the ways you'd totally win an episode if you were on it.

Play along with these TV game shows and guess that million-dollar answer from the couch - and make it an interactive experience so that, thanks to this list of TV game programs, you'll never again have to ask "What's the best TV game show to play along with?" What are best game shows to play at home? Did the shows you think were the best make this list? Vote up the best game shows to play along at home and see where the game shows you love to watch (and play) rank.

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