The Best Games to Play in the Pool

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Don't just kick back with a margarita (though, that sounds fun too)! Get in there and have fun!

Going to the swimming pool is a summertime favorite. Splashing around and playing in the hot sun can be the best. After a few hours of swimming around though, it can be hard to keep up the inspiration to swim, and before you know it, you're treading water (literally and figuratively). Fear not, friends, for we have a list of awesome games to play while you're in the pool. What are your favorite games to play while swimming?

This list is votable and rerankable. From Marco Polo to diving for dive sticks, these are the best games around to play while you're swimming in a pool. Don't see your favorite pool game here? Feel free to add it.
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  • Marco Polo
    47 votes

    Marco Polo

  • Water Hoops
    27 votes

    Water Hoops

  • Water Volleyball
    46 votes

    Water Volleyball

  • Diving
    29 votes


  • Pool Tag Survivor
    31 votes

    Pool Tag Survivor

    One person is "it." They call out either "dolphin," "froggy," or "submarine." Dolphin has to swim on top of the water. Froggy has to swim in the middle.Submarine has to swim at the bottom of the pool."It" has to close their eyes and try to tag the others. When a player gets to the other end, they yell, "Survived!" If they get tagged they are it. The more people the better.
  • Diving for Dive Sticks
    25 votes

    Diving for Dive Sticks