The Greatest Gangster Characters In Movies

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When it comes to gangster movies, it’s the bonds between the characters that make these films so great. No matter how many shootouts, car chases, or scheming montages with close-ups of fat wads of cash, these mobster movies are all about relationships - both between the gangsters themselves and the law enforcement officers working to track them down.

Which gangster character is your favorite? From Scarface to Goodfellas, The Godfather and The Departed, for these characters, loyalty means everything. Whether you’re more a Corleone fan than a Montana one, these characters are out for blood, so you better make sure you pick the right side. 

Unfortunately, not every character on this list is who they appear to be. In fact, some might be undercover cops, while others may have their own nefarious hidden agendas. So slap on your bulletproof vest, make sure your friend isn't wearing a wire, and get ready to vote up the list of the best gang characters in film history.

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