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The Best Gap Year Programs, Destinations, And Activities

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If you're looking to take a break from the books and explore the world around you, then rest assured that there are plenty of great gap year options out there. So if you're not quite sure what to do after college or are simply looking for a free way to travel abroad, you'll find some killer ideas here. From awesome ideas for trips to some of the best gap year programs around, get a load of this list of productive ways to fill your time after graduation. Whether you're looking for opportunities in the US, ideas for fun gap year jobs, or simply things to do on days when things get a little slow, you'll find a little something for everyone.  

Sometimes the hardest thing about figuring out what to do after graduation is trying to narrow down the endless options. As you'll soon discover, there are plenty of gap year internships, scholarships, and even jobs out there that can go a long way towards filling out your resume before you ever enter the workforce. From mission trips to simply becoming a more well-rounded person, sometimes taking a gap year can set the course for the rest of your life. Be sure to vote up the gap year opportunities that sound the most exciting to you!