The Best Gay Bars In Los Angeles

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The best gay bars in Los Angeles is one of the more subjective lists of great places to drink in LA that could possibly exist. Everybody has their favorite gay bar for different reasons; you might like The Abbey for the cocktails, Rage for dancing, Fubar for boys, etc. Point is: we all like to drink and this list of the greatest gay bars in LA will either turn you on to a new watering hole or reaffirm there's no need to vacate the seat you've been filling at your local for the last (insert period of time you're not willing to admit publicly here).

The top LA gay bars are not made by a single drink, person, or location, but a combination of all these factors and more and rank among the best bars in LA overall. Whether you frequent a bar for the beer, the cocktails, or because it's the bar with the hottest guys in the city, there is something intangible about four walls serving booze that makes it the greatest LGBTQ+ friendly bars in Los Angeles. 

What is the best gay bar in Los Angeles? What LA gay bar has the best drinks? What are the best bear bars in LA? There are dozens of gay bars in the city, many better than others, and this list of the greatest LA bars should help you pick a favorite. If your choice for top gay bar in Los Angeles isn't on the list of the best gay bars in LA, make sure to add it and bring all the boys to that bar.

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  • Faultline
    21 votes


  • St. Felix
    22 votes

    St. Felix

  • The Eagle LA
    20 votes

    The Eagle LA

  • Rage
    15 votes


  • Akbar
    14 votes


  • Mickys
    19 votes