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The Best Geek Stores

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List RulesUpvote the best retail stores that specialize in geeky gifts and pop culture clothes and toys that nerds like.

Let's say your tastes run a bit to the nerdy. The tech-focused. The downright geeky. Look no further – this list is for you. The best stores for nerd stuff are full of fun and functional things to buy. Some top geek stores are found in brick and mortar shops across the country, while other geek specialty stores offer products online. Many of the most popular nerd stores offer rare collectibles and electronics.

What establishments are your personal picks for the best geek stores? The staggering popularity of Apple products makes the Apple Store downright cool. Whether you are a tech geek or someone who goes crazy for personal electronics, the Apple Store is a dream retail shop. They even have an onsite Genius Bar to help you troubleshoot your devices. Spencer's Gifts is another fun place to find one-of-a-kind – and highly irreverent – items for your favorite nerds. ThinkGeek makes nerd shopping easy with its resourceful online catalog. Other good shops featured on this best geek stores list include Meltdown Comics, HobbyTown USA, and I Want One of Those.

Where is your favorite place to purchase nerdy items? Embrace your inner geek by giving the best stores a thumbs up and please add any great retailers that are missing.