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Vote up the best podcasts about comic books and comic book superheroes that are currently releasing new episodes.

Comics and superheroes have integrated themselves seamlessly into modern media and that includes comic book podcasts. We've put together a list of the top superhero and comic book podcasts streaming new episodes. From the big two and cape books to indie publishers and superhero TV shows, there's a podcast for every comics nerd.

Some of these podcasts, like The Comic Source Podcast and the Major Spoilers Comic Book Podcast, focus on current news in the comic book world. Other podcasts, including Comic Culture, Creator Talks Podcast, and Comics and History, focus on more specific topics about the collecting scene the creative world and the history of comics and comic book culture. There are even podcasts that focus on work from DC Comics and Marvel Comics specifically.

Vote up the current comic book podcasts you haven't skipped an episode of! And add any other great podcasts about superheroes and comics to the list!

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  • Dynamic Duel: DC vs Marvel
    5 votes

    Dynamic Duel: DC vs Marvel

  • Who Would Win
    21 votes

    Who Would Win

  • The Mighty Metahumans
    9 votes

    The Mighty Metahumans

  • Comic Book Podcast
    13 votes Comic Book Podcast


  • Comic Book Club
    6 votes

    Comic Book Club

    By Comic Book Club

  • Earth's Mightiest Podcasts
    8 votes

    Earth's Mightiest Podcasts

    By Alex, Bobby, Corwin and Viet