The Best Gelato Flavors

Your mouth has been watering just thinking about it; you approach the ice cream café, anxiously awaiting the creamy, savory gelato you’ve been craving all day. You stand in line and your eyes see dozens of different colors, and the thought hits you: how are you supposed to pick just one? This list answers the question, “What are the best gelato flavors?” If you’ve ever been curious about the top gelato flavors that others like the best, you’ve come to the right place!Gelato, the Italian word for “ice cream” is made with milk, cream and several types of sugars; flavorings such as nuts, fruits and creams are then added, creating a rich, savory taste. Typically egg yolks are used in creamy gelatos such as the popular gelato flavors zabaione, sweet cream and creme caramel, and milk is used in the more traditional flavors like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.Ever wondered what the difference between ice cream and gelato is? It all boils down three things: fat, air, and serving temperature. And for the health-conscious enthusiast, there’s good news: gelato has less fat in the base and less air churned into it during the freezing process, making this tasty treat better for you than ice cream!
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