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The Best Gender-Swapped Versions Of Your Favorite Superheroes

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Women in comics have been a staple since the beginning, but they've often taken a back seat to their male counterparts. Comic book publishers have tried to correct the imbalance between male and female superheroes in many different ways, both creating original characters and inventing gender-bended iterations of male heroes.

Gender-bending in comics has not always been met with enthusiasm, but there are quite a few characters who have managed to step out of the shadows of their male forbears and reinvent the idea of what a hero can be. Some gender-swapped characters have become equally, if not more, popular than the original incarnations. For instance, Carol Danvers is now better known as Captain Marvel and is more popular than the original Mar-Vell Others have fostered a smaller but fiercely dedicated fanbase.

  • Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner who eventually becomes She-Hulk. Originally from Los Angeles, Walters went to UCLA to become a lawyer. She was quite timid in her normal life, but was a fierce lawyer who got on the bad side of many criminals. Eventually, some gangsters attempted to take out Walters, and she was rushed to the hospital after they fired at her. Bruce just so happened to be in town on that day and forced his way into her hospital room, where he gave her a life saving blood transfusion.

    There were side effects, however. When a group of thugs came to her hospital room to finish the job, the gamma particles in the transfused blood turned her into a big, green fighting machine. Her confidence grew with her stature, and for a while she preferred staying in her Hulk form rather than live in her normal body. 

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  • Laura Kinney, commonly known as X-23, is in many ways the female Wolverine. She was created as a part of the same Weapon X program that gave Logan his adamantium skeleton, and she was actually cloned from some of his DNA. She was bred with the express purpose of becoming a weapon, genetically designed by mutant geneticist Dr. Sarah Kinney to be able to withstand the physical toll of the Weapon X program. Dr. Kinney succeeded, but was forced to carry the child herself. 

    Laura was the result, and was raised to be as vicious as possible. After years of chaos, Laura finally found her way to Xavier's academy and became a member of the X-Men. 

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  • Lady Deadpool is as bizarre as you would expect. Wanda Wilson hails from Earth-3010, a universe where she goes by Lady Deadpool and is waging a guerilla campaign against a hyper-fascist American government.

    In this reality, the United States is in the midst of a brutal civil war. Lady Deadpool is the face of the resistance movement, led by the sinister General America.  

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  • 4. Spider-Woman (Spider-Man)

    Jessica Drew is the original Spider-Woman, although there have been quite a few spider-themed heroines in the Marvel Universe. As a child, she lived in the fictional country of Transia and was raised by her parents. Her father was a geneticist who discovered substantial uranium deposits under the family's property.

    He used the uranium to fund his career, but Jessica began to experience symptoms of radiation poisoning. Fearing for her life, he used his knowledge to create a serum containing spider DNA in order to cure her. She was locked in a genetic accelerator for years, aging at a slowed rate. When she emerged, she had strange powers and eventually donned the name Spider-Woman. 

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