30 Amazing Geometric Tattoos

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While the art of tattooing is a tradition deeply embedded in human history, a new fad has emerged, thanks to increased, popular demand for geometric tattoos. From outlines of stags, to colorful cats, to simple symmetrical pattern outlines, these geometric tattoos are some of the most beautiful created, with bold patterns and intricate design.

The geometric style is said to have been inspired by patterns that are seen in nature all around us, and the individuals with these tattoos believe that it reminds us of our temporary presence and connection with the earth. As pretentious as it may sound, the whole concept is rather nice. For those who had no idea about this, well, it's a pretty pattern of lines and shapes and it usually consists of a symmetrical design. And they just look really cool.

Geometrical tattoos come in all designs and shapes, but mainly they are outlines of patterns. Recently, people have requested more vibrant and colorful variations of the tattoos. In the list below are included some of the most beautiful and creative geometric tattoos inked onto skin. Rank your favorite geometric tattoos below!
Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY