This Artist Perfectly Captures The Realities Of Life With Depression In 10+ Amusingly Anxious Comics

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Vote up the comics that make you chuckle even as you're buckling from the pressure of existential thoughts and fears.

Artist George Drawz centers his comics about what he knows quite well: living with depression. A collection of relatable but amusing comics about living with depression, Drawz's illustrations capture the dark realities of mental illness and the anxieties that accompany it. Those realities make for awkward and somber situations but these webcomics manage to add a bit of humor to them. George Drawz's Instagram features all sorts of anxiety-riddled scenarios but his simplistic style makes the scenes more accessible.

When you read these comics, you'll cry from laughter and the reality that some of these issues hit close to home. But in the same way that Sarah's Scribbles comics turn anxiety into amusement, George Drawz's comics fashion humor out of everyday horrors. Everyone could use a bit of that.