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The Best George Saunders Books

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Sometimes a whole novel is just too much. If you're lucky enough to find an author you connect with on a moral and philosophical level, as millions of fans of George Saunders can attest to, no novel can beat the joy that a collection of stories can bring (unless that novel happens to be Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo). There is really nothing like a great collection of essays and/or short stories.

The stories contained between the covers of these books are thematically connected and sometimes they feel completely disjointed, but the fact that these different stories all come from the mind of a favorite author makes reading them a unique experience. A great collection is like being whisked through the mind of someone you love and respect. It's like having a conversation with your hero and your best friend. It's all at once easy to digest, a pleasure to listen to, and endlessly enlightening without feeling like homework.

Unlike many famous people who have also published essay collections along with novels or other works, George Saunders is actually best known for his essay collections and short stories. It's through these books filled with his intelligence and trademark tragicomic style that Saunders became a household name in the first place. Fans of his know what a special feeling it is to read one of his acclaimed story collections, and while his books range from Vonnegut-esque to wholly original, they all share that totally original George Saunders sensibility.

Whether you've read them all or are looking for the next best stories to devour, let's rank the best George Saunders books.

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