The Best Country Singers From Georgia

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Only country singers born or raised in Georgia.

Here are the best country singers and bands from Georgia. Georgia is an eclectic state when it comes to music. Athens is best known for having a college rock scene several decades ago with bands like The B-52's and R.E.M. making a name for themselves in the state. However, Georgia is best known for its vast array of country music stars who were born or raised in the Peach State. There are numerous country singers from Georgia who have drawn inspiration from their down-home roots and traditional upbringing. 

Plenty of Country Music Association Award-nominated acts got their start in Georgia. A few of the biggest names include Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Zac Brown. The Zac Brown Band got their start in Atlanta, and they really started to take off after Brown started his own record label to make music the way he wanted to. This is only the beginning, and the list of Georgia country singers just goes on and on, along with some of the biggest female country stars. 

If you enjoy cracking open a beer and sitting out on the front porch, then you will have definitely listened to one of these musicians at some point. Vote for the artists you like to show Georgia some love. This list may just remind you to update your country playlists. 

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