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The 23 Funniest "Let's Get This Bread" Tweets

Updated November 12, 2018 617 votes 49 voters 1.9k views23 items

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The next time someone calls you lazy for scrolling through memes, be sure to show them the funniest "Let's get this bread" memes. Unlike many other internet jokes out there, "Let's get this bread" memes concern themselves with both entertainment and entrepreneurship. Getting up earlier for work? You're getting bread. Finishing your chores, errands, and freelance projects? You're bagging baguette. Acing that company presentation that seals the merger? You're looking at loaves of it.

Though it technically emerged in 2017 as an online joke, "Let's get this bread" tweets really found their stride as one of 2018's most famous memes. Some of the best ones are featured below for you to feast on.

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    Got Bread?


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    Let's Get This Peeta Bread


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    All I Want For Christmas Is Bread


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    Loaves To Choose From


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