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Elevate Your Seance With The Best Quotes From 'Ghost'

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Don't believe in ghosts? You just might after reading the best Ghost quotes. This supernatural film blends elements from the romance, fantasy, and thriller genres to create a completely unique '90s movie. Directed by Jerry Zucker, Ghost is filled with memorable quotes, funny one-liners, and dramatic lines. But which of this Ghost quotes are the best? You get to help decide with your votes.

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    Sam Wheat: I love you, Molly. I've always loved you.

    Molly Jensen: Ditto.

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      Cashier's Check

      Oda Mae Brown: Four-million dollars?

      Lyle Furgeson: Yes. Four-million dollars. And, um, how would you like that, Mrs. Miller?

      Oda Mae Brown: Tens and twenties?

      Sam Wheat: No, a cashier's check!

      Oda Mae Brown: Actually... I think better a cashier's check.

      Lyle Furgeson: Right...

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        In Danger

        Sam Wheat: Molly, you're in danger.

        Oda Mae Brown: You can't just blurt it out like that! And quit moving around, because you're starting to make me dizzy. I'll just tell her in my own way...Molly, you in danger, girl.

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          Chill Out

          Ortisha's Friend: Can we get started soon?

          Oda Mae Brown: Oh, chill out. Chill. Out!

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