The Best Ghostface Killers From Every 'Scream' Movie



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The reveal of who the Ghostface killer is in every Scream movie is nearly as thrilling as any chase scene or action setpiece the beloved horror franchise could ever throw at an audience, and over the last 2 decades, the Scream franchise has revolutionized, revitalized, and nearly perfected both the slasher and whodunit subgenres. Each Scream killer delivers something drastically different to audiences from a maniacal and intelligent nature to all-out brutality to complete and utter manic unhinged energy, but the best Ghostface killers manage to wrap all these elements into one pristine bow. It goes without saying, but major spoilers for every entry of the Scream franchise lie ahead, so be warned.

From the two bad boys who started the whole franchise in Billy Loomis and Stu Macher to a new generation of Ghostface killing families in Richie Kirsch and Wayne Bailey to all the fan favorites in between like Mickey Altieri, Jill Roberts, Roman Bridger, and Nancy Loomis, each and every killer in the Scream franchise brings their own unique charm and gravitas to the role, and each has cemented themselves as some of the most revered and beloved killers in horror movie history.

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  • Billy Loomis
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    97 votes

    Right alongside Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, and Dewy Riley, Billy Loomis is arguably the most important character in the Scream lore, made all the more prevalent with his inclusions in Scream 5 and Scream VI. Portrayed with a cool suaveness and eerie undertone by Skeet Ulrich, there is a reason many consider Billy to be the heart and soul of the franchise, he is the one who started it all as Ghostface.

    Scream Movies:
    Scream (1996)
    Scream (2022)
    Scream VI (2023)

    Casey Becker
    Tatum Riley
    Maureen Prescott
    Principal Arthur Himbry

  • Stu Macher
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    91 votes

    Unhinged madness at its absolute finest, Matthew Lillard steals every single scene he is in as Stu Macher in the original film that started it all, Scream. A fan favorite who is not only one of the most beloved Ghostfaces killers, but one of the most adored horror movie villains of all time, Stu manages to balance complete absurdity with a heartfelt and often hilarious performance that will be etched in horror lovers' minds and souls for all time.

    Scream Movies:
    Scream (1996)

    Casey Becker
    Maureen Prescott
    Steven Orth
    Kenny Brown

  • Jill Roberts
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    82 votes

    Jill Roberts

    While many complain that the original Scream trilogy doesn't have a Ghostface killer who lives up to the originals, in Scream 4, fans finally got their creepy golden goose in Jill Roberts. Emma Roberts delivers a manic and utterly terrifying performance as the Scream killer as she moves with precision and an utterly brilliant plan, one with which she nearly gets away. Conniving, ruthless, and utterly demented, there has yet to be another Ghostface killer as revolutionary as Jill.

    Scream Movies:
    Scream 4

    Trevor Sheldon
    Kate Roberts
    Rebecca Walters
    Jenny Randall
    Deputy Anthony Perkins

  • Mickey Altieri
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    64 votes

    Mickey Altieri

    Attempting to match the unhinged energy brought by Stu Macher in the original film, Mickey Altieri delivers an incredibly erratic and killer performance, for about 20 minutes. The main drawback of Timothy Olyphant's Mickey is the fact that the character himself is barely in the film. Scream 2 is a movie that thrives by giving audiences red herrings, but while it delivers a fascinating whodunit, it does water down the initial reveal when audiences aren't too familiar with the killer. Regardless, Mickey still manages to have one of the highest body counts of any Ghostface killer and goes all out for one shocking finale.

    Scream Movies:
    Scream 2

    Casey "Cici" Cooper
    Maureen Evans
    Hallie McDaniel
    Derek Feldman
    Phil Stevens
    Officer Andrews
    Officer Richards

  • Roman Bridger
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    72 votes

    Whether fans absolutely love or absolutely despise Roman Bridger from Scream 3, there is no doubt he had one of the most massive and memorable killing sprees in the franchise's history. Taking ownership of the only solo Ghostface in any Scream movie, Roman, portrayed by Scott Foley, delivers a wonderful performance, albeit one that doesn't have much substance, as Sidney's long-lost brother. With 9 kills under his belt and a ridiculous voice changer, Roman is memorable, if nothing else.

    Scream Movies:
    Scream 3

    Cotton Weary
    Steven Stone
    John Milton
    Sarah Darling
    Tom Prinze
    Angelina Tyler
    Tyson Fox
    Jennifer Jolie
    Christine Hamilton

  • Amber Freeman
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    61 votes

    Amber Freeman

    Channeling the same manic energy as her in-story idol Stu Macher, Amber Freeman delivers a demented and crazed performance that would make her Ghostface killer idol proud. While Mikey Madison may not have much to do in the role with limited screentime when she is on screen, she delivers just enough intrigue to have fans on edge, and when she is finally unleashed as the Scream killer, her acting chops are on full display as a deranged and bombastic killer. Plus, the fact that she was the one to kill Dewey, whether fans like it or not, gives her some major credibility.

    Scream Movies:
    Scream (2022)

    Dwight "Dewey" Riley
    Sheriff Judy Hicks
    Liv McKenzie
    Vince Schneider
    Deputy Clay