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The Best G.I. Joe Films & Series Ever Made

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Since the first-ever G.I. Joe TV series debuted in 1985 based off the Hasbro action figure that made its way into kids' hands three years earlier, audiences have tuned in to every new action-packed episode of every new drama filled iteration that comes along. While the number of G.I. Joe TV shows and films may seem overwhelming and endless, the fact is that each new entry in the series is unique and has its share of hardcore fans that watch for all the twists and turns that make the G.I. Joe universe so compelling. Some may argue that there's nothing quite like the original G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero series and others can gladly fight that the G.I. Joe rebooted film series starting in 2009 was the peak of G.I. Joe. But that's what makes the G.I. Joe shows and films endlessly fun to debate about and just plain entertaining to watch. Each new version of G.I. Joe has something for everyone.

In this list, we're going to break down all of the best G.I. Joe films and series ever made and find out once and for all what comes out on top. So grab your action soldier, get ready to defeat Cobra, and vote up the best G.I. Joe television shows and movies.